Playboy Suffers $5M Loss on Ethereum Holdings Amid Crypto Winter

• Playboy announced a $5 million impairment loss on its Ethereum holdings from last year.
• The company attributed the loss to the prolonged crypto winter that has caused a decline in cryptocurrency prices.
• Playboy has explored blockchain technology and released NFTs such as Rabbitars, magazine covers, and their own NFT marketplace.

Playboy Suffers $5 Million Impairment Loss

Playboy, founded by the late Hugh Hefner, announced a staggering impairment loss of $5 million on its Ethereum holdings from last year. The company attributed the loss to the prolonged crypto winter that had a significant impact on the broader market, causing a decline in cryptocurrency prices.

Playboy’s Foray Into Web3

During the pinnacle of the crypto market in October 2021, the company unveiled its “Rabbitar” NFT project. According to TradingView data, Ether, the native coin of Ethereum, has lost over 60% of its value since then. Playboy announced its interest in NFTs back in March 2021, becoming one of the first major companies in the adult entertainment industry to explore the potential of blockchain technology.

Accounting For Digital Assets

The firm accounts for its digital assets as “indefinite-lived intangible assets” that are liable to impairment losses if the assets’ fair value falls below their carrying value at any time. Even if the fair value of the assets rises after these losses, they cannot be recovered. Aside from Rabbitars, Playboy has also created NFTs for some of their iconic magazine covers which were sold through various NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea and Rarible.

Exploring New Revenue Streams

This move is seen as part of Playboy’s broader strategy to stay relevant and engage with a new generation of fans while also exploring new revenue streams in this digital age. In addition to these projects, Playboy has launched its own NFT marketplace where users can buy and sell different types of collectibles and artwork backed by blockchain technology.


Playboy’s foray into web3 has been met with mixed results so far but it remains an interesting case study into how traditional companies can embrace emerging technologies like blockchain to remain competitive in today’s digital world. Despite suffering an impairment loss due to declining cryptocurrency prices last year, it appears that Playboy still believes there is potential for growth when it comes to leveraging blockchain technology for business purposes going forward