Crypto Boom: Analyst Breaks Down Bitcoin, XRP, LTC, FTM & LINK

• A crypto analyst is breaking down the Bitcoin (BTC) and altcoin explosion following XRP’s historic ruling in the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) lawsuit.
• The analyst believes that if Bitcoin sustains above $30,800, it will continue to rally upward. He also predicts a slight dip for XRP before resuming its rally and expects Litecoin (LTC) to resume its general uptrend soon despite not responding much to the XRP decision.
• Lastly, he thinks Fantom (FTM) could be on its way to $0.40 and Chainlink (LINK) is still a great buy at above $7.

Crypto Analyst Breaks Down Explosion Following XRP’s Historic Ruling

A popular crypto analyst is diving into the exploding markets following the favorable ruling for XRP in the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) lawsuit. Crypto trader Michaël van de Poppe tells his 660,200 Twitter followers that after yesterday’s favorable ruling for XRP traders, which spurred a market-wide rally, Bitcoin (BTC) may dip before continuing upwards..

Bitcoin Price Prediction

Van de Poppe predicts that if Bitcoin sustains above $30,800 then everything should remain fine and it will continue to rally upwards; but if not then there could be some liquidity on the downside for Bitcoin buyers to grab hold of. He also believes altcoins could keep finding momentum regardless of how BTC behaves in this instance. At time of writing BTC is worth $31,298 up 2% in 24 hours since his post .

XRP Price Prediction

Diving into XRP which ripped over 60% after Judge Torres’ decision Van de Poppe says there may be a slight dip before it resumes its rally but overall this was an incredibly positive outcome with great potential for scalping opportunities between $0.65-$0.69 USD per token depending on how things develop from here on out.. Currently XRP is trading for $0.78 up 64% since his post .

Litecoin Price Prediction

Moving onto Litecoin (LTC ), Van de Poppe expects LTC to resume its general uptrend soon even though it was one of the few cryptocurrencies that hardly responded to the XRP decision at all; suggesting LTC has had some narrative shift away from itself recently as other cryptos become more attractive investments.. According to him if LTC can sustain support around $98 USD with further dips avoided then higher numbers are certainly possible .At time of writing , LTC is trading at $101 up 1% since his post .

Fantom & Chainlink Predictions

Finally looking at both Fantom(FTM ) & Chainlink( LINK ) Van de Poppe suggests FTM could be on its way to test out prices around $0.33 or possibly even as high as$ 040 ; while LINK according to him remains an opportunity of a lifetime with prices still being reasonable above 7 USD per token… At time of writing FTM is currently trading around 029 while LINK stands strong at 710 USD per token respectively .