ChatGPT Revives World Coin: Simplified Onboarding, Privacy Protection, and Access to Finance

• ChatGPT’s creator, Sam Altman, has revived World Coin in 2021 and launched a new tool for the “AI Age” called World App.
• The crypto wallet simplifies onboarding users to crypto and is designed to protect their privacy, provide access to finance, and increase adoption of crypto.
• The app is available in over 80 countries and during its beta phase, it had over 1.5 million users with 500,000 active monthly users and 60,000 transactions.

ChatGPT Revives World Coin

Sam Altman created ChatGPT which attracted attention from the crypto industry in 2021 by reviving a token founded in 2013 – World Coin. This project has been progressing slowly but now launched a new tool designed for the “AI Age” – World App.

World App Features

The crypto wallet natively supports both the World Coin and Ethereum ecosystems with a simplified interface. It was designed to remove friction from onboarding new users to crypto while protecting their privacy. Additionally, it provides access to rewards for learning about crypto as well as World Coin Grants which are intended to evolve into a toolkit that empowers individuals during the “Age of AI” era.

Availability & Beta Testing Results

World App is currently available in over 80 countries with 1.5 million users already having tested the app during its beta phase. Of these 1.5 million users, 500,000 were active monthly users who made 60,000 transactions throughout this period of testing.

Intentional Design & Objectives

The team behind World App intentionally designed it to protect people’s privacy while allowing them access to financial services within the decentralized world of blockchain technology & cryptocurrencies. With this intentionality comes three core objectives: protect people’s data & identity; provide them with access to finance; increase overall adoption of blockchain-based assets such as cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum tokens like WGC (WorldCoin).


World App was created with an intentional design that allows it to reach its objectives of protecting user data/identity while providing financial services within the decentralized world of blockchain technology & cryptocurrencies – all while increasing adoption rates of said technologies/assets amongst those who use it! It remains open for downloading across 80+ countries around the world today!